PT. SIKO NAKAMURA DWI KARYA (SNDK), is fully supported by technical know how of reliable Japanese supervisor, the company will provide high quality engineering design, engineering drawing up to detail/shop drawing and the processing for fabrication, manufacturing, transportation at site and commissioning and maintenance after sales service.

Range of activities and services :

The workshop has capability of fabricating multi purpose equipment including fabrication technology for stainless steel and special steel/metals for domestic and overseas market.

    General purpose tank and vessel

    Pressure and vacuum vessels

    Steel structure and special use

    Steel structure and special use girder

    Digester and agitator

    General Heat exchanger and condenser

    Belt conveyor and feeders

    Bucket elevator and chain conveyor

    Dust collector and dust handling equipment

    Environmental control equipment

    Heavy duty mining equipment

    Mechanical parts for plants equipment

    Pipes and duct pre-fabrication

    Driving unit manufacturing for equipment

    Installation work at site